Australia’s PAPER SEA quarterly feature

From Paper Sea:

Creative men and women with an appreciation for hand-crafted quality will find honest stories and critical pictures about surf, travel and art from the world over.

We saw the need for a creative alternative and so we present to you a quarterly book for people who share our affinity for the ocean, creativity in its infinite manifestations and the thrills and perils of travelling amongst far away cultures.

Full-bleed images by the world’s best minds accompanied by their stories behind the moments are set alongside in depth interviews and stories. We are publishing first-hand experiences as we explore not just the beaches but also the cultures of far away countries.

We have fought hard to get this idea off the ground and it is with much pride and many thanks to innumerable people that we can present to you Paper Sea Quarterly, a publication for surfers, travellers and artists.

The Paper Sea Three Andy, Tom, and Andrew would like to thank you for your support in this collaboration. PSQ needs you to survive, so spread the good word, the Paper Sea word and ensure you buy a subscription to keep the journey going.

Paper Sea Quarterly


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