The Hop & Vine Mural

We have for the better part of 3 years, designing, illustrating, painting, coding, installing for all the creative needs at North Portland’s adored Bar and Restaurant, The Hop & Vine. You might say its one of our creative petri dishes that give us nearly complete freedom when it comes to the creative output we solve. Recently, Blaine was asked to spritz up the already beautiful backyard patio. Just coming off 2 murals for the Forest for the Trees project and a Wedding Mural, he leapt right back onto an exterior wall with spray paint. The peacock is their mascot of sorts, finding itself, in the merchandise, menu’s and other permanent art.

This mural really couldn’t have been painted with any other media. The overlapped slats make it extremely difficult to use traditional paint & brush. So once again, Blaine found himself doing the mural with 99% spray paint.






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