Ratio Beerworks Mural, Denver CO

The annual mural festival in Denver, CO., Colorado Crush, provides an open space for me to push my creativity without boundaries on grand scales.

As a second time contributor at this non-profit event, I was asked to add my vision to the beloved local brewery and community gathering point, RATIO Beerworks. After my Trimet Holgate project, this was one of my most ambitious murals to date. I threw my entire tool box and experience at this one. Over the course of eight days in 95 degree weather, along with six assistants coming and going, we managed to complete this very site specific mural, honoring the RATIO lineage and harmonizing all my styles into one cohesive piece that marks a significant creative milestone in my mural pursuits.

It was a collaborative effort realizing this brave solution with the staff at RATIO. They brought such a profound rich history and personal narratives that ultimately enriched the vision of this piece with my own ideas all graphically based around the golden rectangle. In this design you might notice two golden rectangles, one inverted. Lastly, most always ask who the portrait is, Louis Pasteur, French microbiologist and inventor of pasteurization. and fermintation.

Basically, if you are drinking a beer, toast the man! That refreshing barley pop wouldn’t have been possible with out him.


Blaine Fontana – Crush Walls 2017 from James Jonesy Wilcox on Vimeo.


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