Originally from Southern California, Eugenie has always enjoyed being in the creative world. From her first play in pre-school, being the lead singer of an Acid Jazz band, to establishing a design studio, the arts never seem to stop calling her name. After receiving her BA in Theatre Arts from University of California, Irvine, she Co-founded a forward thinking design studio in 1996 called Abound. Her company worked with a wide range of industries and received awards from companies like Adobe® Systems. Eugenie’s company also worked on projects outside of the interactive design arena, which involved her curation of gallery exhibitions and events. She experimented mixing photography, video, narrative and graphic design exploring other approaches to the interactive design online & offline experience.

After disbanding the company a few years ago, Eugenie served as a board member for Reaching To Embrace Arts ( a non-profit to enrich & inspire art endeavors for inner-city-youth). She also began working more on developing her craft in photography and mixmedia artwork. Her works have been shown in gallery spaces in the Los Angeles  and  Portland area.   Currently, Eugenie is managing Fontana studios with her husband Blaine Fontana and developing her consulting small business services for creatives.

photo by Nate Kalushner


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