Felt Bicycles 2009

  • felt09_vault
  • felt09_sure
  • felt09_straight
  • felt09_mug
  • felt09_pyre_heretic
  • felt09_manic
  • felt09_jump
  • felt09_heretic
  • felt09_fuse
  • felt09_double
  • felt09_cynic
  • felt09_chronic
  • felt09_cheapshot
  • felt09_chasm
  • felt09_brink

Felt BMX has been an exciting on going project for us to create the entire BMX product line graphics. On average the line consisted of about 12 bikes that needed individual micro details, original illustrated type and reflect the echelon of product value from the pro to novice bikes. Often the product name would sometimes govern the style of the graphic and others where more abstracted. Each file needed to be production ready, alignment, placement, and pantone charts were required on top of creative execution.


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