SODO Corridor Mural Project, Seattle, WA

From 4Culture:

The SODO Track has transformed the portal to Downtown Seattle – a two-mile transit corridor traveled by over 50,000 daily – into an imaginative raceway in motion. This free and accessible urban art gallery is the first to commission over 60 artists from 20 countries to explore one theme, and paint side-by-side.

Over three summers, hometown heroes and renowned international artists – invited by curator Gage Hamilton and who self-submitted to 4Culture’s Muralist Roster – produced over 50 murals exploring motion, speed and progress. Their diverse array of ideas, perspectives, and aesthetics come together in a continuous line of sight, connecting the local to global in one communal creative experiment.

The SODO Track spans 5th Ave South between Royal Brougham Way and Spokane Street, in Seattle’s South of Downtown (SODO) neighborhood.

64 artists produced 51 murals in 2016, 2017, and 2018.


These walls have been painted before. Twenty years ago, Urban ArtWorks lined the busway with the work of young artists and graff writers, bringing energy and color to the space. Names like SNEKE, HEWS, and APAUL rode this stretch of walls for years, inspiring other young artists like Blaine Fontana to pick up spray cans and paint.

Equilateral Momentum connects past and present with this four-person collaboration. The composition is balanced with three burners surrounded and bookended by triangles that represent the “transition of energy from the north and south bus lines.” Koi fish swim throughout weaving between letters, shapes, and colors, offering a “symbol of maturity, evolution and momentum.”

I was tasked with bookending and collating the mural into one entire piece using equilateral triangles and introducing an organic element of the Kois. It was a profound honor to paint with the original DVS Crew Kings who inspired my path onto graffiti when I was 14 years old.

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Photo by @wiseknave

Photo by @wiseknave


Photo by @wiseknave

Photo by @wiseknave

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