Forest for the Trees 2014, Portland OR






Forest for the Trees is a not-for-profit public mural project in Portland, Oregon. The mural project promotes public visual expression; collaboration; and community engagement with contemporary art and the creative process. In August 2013, FFTT united seventeen artists from around the world to paint ten Portland murals.

During August 2014, twenty local and international artists will come together for a week in Portland to paint more than a dozen pieces on public walls. FFTT aims to bring opportunity for local and visiting artists, and to share their gifts on a large public scale in Portland—a city already known as a creative hub and home to many talented artists. To view all these walls in process and its finality :

Returning for the 2nd annual, we were delighted to find out that we were offered the East side of the same building we collaborated on last year with Zach and Jun. Essentially, this is a love letter to Portland, Oregon and humanity. We felt it was important to carry over the positive message theme from last years “Keep Your Chin Up” phrase.

18.5 x 60′
Acrylic & Spray Paint
“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself” – Andrew Murphy
22nd and NE Alberta ave., Portland OR


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