Hellion Gallery Anniversary & Inaugural group show

Its been an amazing ride with Hellion the last 2 years, and we’re just getting started. My relationship with Curator Matt Wagner has prospered professionally and personally. We have done 3 local live painting events, a solo show/2 live paintings in tokyo, TEDx installation, HiFructose Feature, and the new San Diego expansion. Matt dances to his own beat. His unconventional approach, his unparalleled passion for his artists make him a unique voice domestically, and internationally. Its these qualities that make it so easy to work hard for him, because he’s doing the same.

Opening reception December 1, 2011 at 6pm
with special guest DJ set by Slimkid3 from the Pharcyde and Colton Tong.
Show runs 12/1 until 12/30

Congrats Matt!

Hellion Gallery
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Brian Elliot
Morgaine Faye
AJ Fosik
Zach Johnsen
Martin Ontiveros
Amy Ruppel
Joe Shea
Geneva Smith


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