Our Studio Story


Fontana Studios is a multi-media art and design studio founded and directed by Blaine Fontana. We work with in-house and remote collaborators, as well as assistants and interns, whose various talents push the boundaries of conventional creative solutions.

We don’t let what we know define us. We listen and we push ourselves to find new mediums and canvases that are connective, communicative, shifting, and memorable.

Working backwards from an imagined finalized product, our process is to realize the project through its best suited medium and viewer/consumer experience, rather than fit a square peg into a round hole. We have excelled on delivering thoughtful, impactful work to small, local clients along with large corporate and international companies.

With over 15 years of experience, having been based out L.A., Seattle and now Portland, we are first and foremost idea people. Our collective is made up of designers, fine artists, photographers, illustrators, crafts people, and networking gurus.

Fontana Studios is the ideal candidate for your most challenging creative endeavors.



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