What media & medium is used in your work?

I primarily use acrylics. During the process of my work i will occasionally use spray paint, color pencils, oil pastels, silk screening and paper. As for medium it varies greatly. Primarily its wood/panel or canvas. Nearly all my boards and canvas are built or stretched here in the studio, sometimes with help. I also love using found wood and other unusual objects to incorporate into my work. Often the medium will govern the concept.

Where do you show your art?

I show my art across the United States in very select galleries, and occasionally in the international market. My galleries are listed in my show listing page on this website.

How do you go about completing a piece?

I rarely sketch out my paintings. Its preferable to display and harness the entire creative process in the project. I will often work on the piece abstractly until 50% of it completion were concepts begin to surface. On the other hand i will see the entire piece finished and the background will take on a more minimal feel depending on the complexity of the foreground elements. I do sketch in journals, however to my standards, its still not enough. Any serious artists should be spending at least an hour a day in his or her books. The themes of my shows will also inspire a harmonious body of work that can keep my thoughts, subject matter and compositions agreeing with each other

Do you honor noncommercial  commission requests?

Yes. Your concept, budget, and flexibility are influential ingredients in the process of this setup. Regardless of the size of a project, it is always 10% above the retail value of a piece that would otherwise be in a gallery of the same dimensions. Keep in mind that this becomes a significantly personal piece, elements and information of your choosing that perhaps only have special meaning to you can be represented in the work, in fact its strongly encouraged. A payment plan might better suite your financial position, something I am happy to accommodate upon a mutual agreement. Commission deposits are nonrefundable. All payments already received are nonrefundable. If a commission was paid in full up front, its is nonrefundable.

Did you attend Art School?

Yes. I attended Otis College of Art and Design In Los Angeles, CA, USA. Art School is not for everybody. It was my intention to learn discipline, professionalism and technique while i was there. It was very beneficial for me in those regards. However school will not teach you a style/vision, thats entirely up to you, nor will they tolerate any student who was the shiznitz in a small town high school with an ego expecting special treatment. I can’t tell you how many of these weasels dropped out their first year after wasting thousands of dollars. Its also not a place where if a person does not thrive in competitive surroundings they will feel uninspired and threatened. Ask yourself if your are more comfortable and excel around people who are wiser, more talented, and more passionate than you, if yes, art school is potentially beneficial to you. It should not be an extension of high school, take some time off from the education system, think about it, nearly your entire life has been centered around school. Go travel, get arrested, leave your comfortable social bubble, leave your small town, whatever you have been used to doing the last 18 years, stop it and go make your life unpredictable, this will be one of your last chances while you have your youth and invincibility. Then attend college, you’ll be 10 times wiser than the majority of your piers and will get far more out of your education since you decided to postpone the academic prom party.

Do you trade art?

No. Unless I have contacted you first. or we already know each other.  Please do not email about this, respectfully, you will receive no reply.

Do you take on interns, apprentices or assistants?

Occasionally. Depending on the schedule here in the studio, if an opening is available, your aspiring goals, your experience and dedication I will consider this.

May I use your art for a tattoo?

In my opinion its one of the highest forms of flattery one could do to honor an artist they admire. I personally have a lot of ink, so I totally understand the sacrifice and commitment this involves. I do ask that you please fill out this request form and I’ll responed to your request.

Is any of your art for sale?

I will first direct you to my represented galleries on this website. They usually will have some sort of inventory to view. They are more than happy to hear from a potential buyer and will go out of their way to make you comfortable during your investment process and or any questions you may have. If the work that the gallery(s) is showing does not make you do a back flip, fill out the request form on the commissions page.

Will you be able to donate art to our charity/non profit event?

I appreciate the consideration, but i am committed already to several organizations.

Where you ever a graffiti writer?

Yes. For 6 years, I took it very seriously, no toy shit, and I did everything, trains, heavens, murals, legal illegal, busses, burners, battles, throw-ups, characters. I was arrested 6 times, I traveled up and down the west coast, but finally when I was arrested for the last time in LA, I no longer could jeopardize my family’s financial investment in art college.

When you work, what does the environment look like? Any particular soundtracks, lighting, or shoes that you have to put on before you get down to business?

I rarely just get down to it in the morning.  My daily ritual before creating is to manage emails, read blogs, follow up on art/design sites, manage my twitter, facebook, online orders, myspace and blog.  After a couple hours of that I’m alert and have absorbed my daily inspiration and cleared today’s biz.

I have drawers full of painting clothes and shoes, some so thick with paint they can be sculpted into place.  As for music, I’m a tempoholic.  The last time I checked my external hard drive just passed 60 days of music, or 18,345 tracks.  I can’t create without music.

How do the changes in season affect your work?

This was the first time in 10 years i’ve experienced seasons again. This last year/half was in the puget sound was more about managing and adjusting to the seasons rather than finding inspiration in it.

What do your “Templings” have to do with your spiritual life?

They function as the story tellers and human connection to bridge the spiritual divide.

Have you acomplished many set goals?what are some for your future? would you say you’re satisfied with where your skills have brought you ?

Saying i’m satisfied with the goals i’ve accomplished over the last 6 years would be an epic understatement.  However, at the same time I am NEVER satisfied with where I’m at artistically, technically, or professionally.  To be content with your accomplishments is dooming your potential growth.


At what age did you realize that art would be your career not your passion?

20, and its still my passion.

Which artist would you want to be in a collaboration with the most ?

Andy Goldsworthy

Has networking helped you get into your choice field faster?

I wouldn’t be where I’m at with out it. Your network is your net worth.


What do you miss most about the LBC?

Friends, beach cruising and my downtown studio.

Any encouraging words for a young, aspiring artist?

Its hard for me to answer this question these days after answering this numerous times.  I’d like to leave it unanswered this time to hopefully promote self reliance, cause’ if you don’t have it you’ll never make it.


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