Put A Bird In It 2013

We were asked to contribute a conceptual bird house for this years “Put a Bird in it” show curated by WeMake PDX for Design Week Portland‘s wrap up show. Over 100 other artists, designers, and craftsfolk created some stunning and original solutions. All the birdhouse were part of a silent auction to benefit Portland Metro schools and their art programs.

This chunk o’ wood was part of an alder tree Blaine fell on his family’s childhood property on Bainbridge Island, WA. The tree was estimated to be about 80 years old and the entire trunk has been used in multiple projects that include furniture, live slabs, sculpture and some firewood for a season to keep us warm. This block was originally sculpted by a chainsaw, then hand planed, and finally sanded down with a belt and orbital sanders. Not necessarily a functional birdhouse, rather a conceptual one that is better appreciated as sculpture.

Photos by Ethan Allen Smith








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