“Domestic Hunger”- Blaine Fontana + Kidrobot Black


Kid Robot Black Collaboration Release with FONTANA STUDIOS 

“Like a siren, Domestic Hunger lures. Grounded by gleaming roots spreading from its base, its glossy upturned roof and weathered texture speak of home. A home with pointed teeth and hungry tongue. Like an insatiable pet, it must be fed.

Every house is hungry for company.”- Kidrobot

Our studio will be offering an exclusive opportunity to purchase  the “AP’s” solely through FONTANA STUDIOS web store. There will be 8 regular figures for sale with an additional 12 x 12″giclee print that is hand signed and numbered from the limited edition of 10AP’s. Each box is also signed by Blaine. In addition, anyone who buys 1 of the 8 pieces will automatically be entered into potentially winning an alternative hand finished painted “Domestic Hunger” figure instead of the regular edition.

And the kicker is that they are offered at the same cost as the retail version @ $500.

This is our way of extending our appreciation to devoted fans and collectors. Purchase them here FONTANA STUDIOS web store… 

Retail Version limited edition of 200, each piece is hand numbered with the artist’s signature engraved on the back. Packaged in a black display box, Domestic Hunger also has two options for installation – hanging or wall mounted. Exclusive to black.kidrobot.com, Kidrobot retail stores and select retailers worldwide.

Below is the one of a kind custom painted and additional feather treatment.










Giclee print below, 12 x 12″, edition of 10:


Picture 2




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