Taxonomy Animalia

  • prayertelegrams
  • thedescent
  • thecoalitionconversation
  • the_committee_beginnings
  • highabovethemamatus
  • false_quiver
  • perplexus_pulchritudes
  • a_troubling_myth
  • the_monarch_army
  • alpharomance
  • the_culture_around_me
  • honeybarracks
  • parliamentofthehunted

2007 Solo Show at Limited Addiction Gallery, Denver Colorado USA

Expanding on my previous solo show “Animal Council”, this theme featured all animals and where inspired by the title of their groupings.  Murder of Crows, Coalition of Cheetahs, Parliament of Owls, etc…This was also the first subtle introduction of my design passions into my fine art.  I created 33 custom screens with an extensive variety of vector graphics that where in all the backgrounds.


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