Arbor Install Process Photos

My assistant Joe Alvarez, and Co Collaborator Zach Johnsen & I have been slaving away at our collaborative installation show. Zach and I have been long time artists/designers for Arbor products. This project has been made possible through Arbors generosity, vision and tremendous support for our careers. In the spirit of Arbors eco-conscious products and company beliefs, nearly the entire installation has been made with recycled, repurposed, donated, or found wood.

For more information on the show please visit this post on my website:
Arbor Collaborative Show

“I have a skull thumper, you don’t…”

“The supplies, our private indoor lumber yard”

“Joey AKA ‘Sabotage’ Alvarez breaking it down… literally”

“Logo Love, and love hurts, went through 3 saber bits and 4 jig saw blades to get this right”

“Extruded letters….”

“screening bird house sections”

“Zach’s new half pipe studio”

“I think Zach has created over 30 figures, can’t say whether seeing all the creatures together is the best or worst acid trip ever”

“Work hard, play hard”

“An average mess after a day.”

“27 Birdhouses made….Next!”

“My favorites are the Lemurs”

“Photo shoot arrangement”


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