Blaine Fontana’s TEDx Speech Presentation & Installation

You know that feeling when you hear yourself talk?  Painful right?  Try WATCHING yourself talk in front of 400+ people.  As proud as I am sharing this with all of you, I’m also so embarrassed.  I will admit though that I did the very best I could, giving myself a B+ on this presentation.  The goal of this presentation was to briefly discus the process and materials of the installation, and to consider alternative uses and applications of wood.


10′ high, 24′ wide, 4′ deep
May 14th, 2011

Using all reclaimed, recycled, and donated materials, this installation was created in the hallways of our studio.  not one piece of fresh lumber was purchased to create this.  I’m guessing LEED doesn’t even have a certification for this yet.  The project was then donated to Concordia University in North East Portland.  The drawers became the inspiration for this entire project,  To see where a lot of these materials and especially the drawers originated from, I would suggest you take a quick look at Hellion Galleries post: Click Here

To see further photos of the entire event:
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Photo by Andrew Burdick Photography

Photo by Andrew Burdick Photography

Photo by Andrew Burdick Photography


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