TRIMET Mural, Portland OR

For over one hundred years, Portland’s transportation system has been a beacon of pioneering spirit and a refuge for risk takers. Portland transportation has consistently inspired the nation by pushing the boundaries of rail, bus and communal connectivity, even despite adversity with a popular car culture.

The purpose of this mural is to connect the history of Portland with the Brooklyn neighborhood and the spirit of TriMet, by visually representing its significant milestones and rich genealogy.

The struggle, innovation, and perseverance it has taken to get our city connected are the same challenges & attributes an artist must embrace in order to grow and succeed.This mural concept begins on the East side of the Holgate Street wall section before 1872. It starts with the westward expansion, moving forward to the West historically, symbolically and visually. The mural ends around the 17th street bend, showcasing TriMet’s most recent accomplishments, expansion and the recently completed Orange PMLR line.

Each section graphically represents the esoteric and subtle graphical transitions of Portland’s infrastructure, elaborating on TriMet’s community leaders, visual symbols and landmarks.

Murals are about contributing to the community in a very personal and responsible way that impacts and connects the people. This creates an ongoing dialogue that brings pride and connection to a neighborhood. This is something they can call their own. It creates a visual identity for the community.

5′ x 250′, Acrylic & Aerosol

Please visit our hashtag to enjoy its process:

Creative Director & Designer:
Blaine Fontana

Designer & Assistant:
David Rice

Zach Yarrington

Gage Hamilton



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