Studio Clean Out Sale

We recently completed a massive studio redesign and rebuild. During this process, we uncovered a bunch of wonderful pieces in storage that need to be shared. Over the years we have been accumulating numerous projects/pieces and are running out of room here at the “Treehaüs”. Artwork is literally being stored in the hallway. We would love to see these creations enjoyed by others, rather than collecting dust unable to provide joy for new homes & humans.

Please note certain shipping parameters on individual pieces. Pieces will be noted with “LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY”. If there is a large size piece you must absolutely have and outside the delivery radius, please email me so we can discuss a crate and shipping costs.

Below you’ll find the last remaining four of the thirty limited edition original “Nestkeeper” sculptures that were released in 2009. In addition, we’re letting go various paintings from the highly celebrated international annual Pickathon Music festival, painted assets for printed murals, sculptures, mixed media paper works, along with original gallery pieces.

We gladly accept Venmo or Paypal (credit cards are acceptable using this feature, see buttons below each available work). If using Venmo, please use the handle below ( @blainefontana ) and refer to item title in payment, thank you!



The last four remaining Nestkeepers. I had originally decided to archive these last four of the thirty ltd. edition series. Each were totally unique adorned with natural objects, various paint styles and colors. The casted figure sits around 7″ tall and 4″ wide. Please scroll down for options.


All 30 in 2009:

Nestkeeper #11/30 – *SOLD



Nestkeeper #12/30 – *SOLD


Nestkeeper #21/30 – $800


Nestkeeper #24/30 – $800


Pickathon 2019 Galaxy Barn Art 96″x48 each Acrylic on 1/2″ panel $900 Each

See my instagram post from install and the Projection Map collaboration:

Fontana Pickathon 2019

This wonderful 5 panel series that illustratively highlights Oregon myths, folklore and odd tales, rendered in a snake oil carni meets SW Baja Mexico. Four of these Five are actually documented, honored and known, One actually happened, one still is highly superstitious today on the way to Mt. Hood, one you can visit in Cape Mears, OR, one is an on going sacred indigenous story and one is just such outrageous bullshit, I had to render it.

Please note: These pieces would be totally suitable and great for an outdoor garage wall in your yard, your business outdoor patio, adorned in a garden, the side of your house… as long as they are under an awning. They are painted heavily front, back and sides along with robust varnish that will protect them from the elements. As long as they aren’t getting down-poured on or in full harsh sun all day, they wont warp or ply separating.

Wizard Island 96″x48 Acrylic on 1/2″ panel $900


Jantzen Beach 96″x48 Acrylic on 1/2″ panel $900 


Octopus Tree 96″x48 Acrylic on 1/2″ panel $900 



Batsquatch 96″x48 Acrylic on 1/2″ panel $900 


Silent Rock 96″x48 Acrylic on 1/2″ panel $900 



“Behold, your God” 48′ x 48′ Acrylic on canvas 2010 *SOLD



“Parallel Shepherd” 13.5″ x 10.5″ Mixed Media on Paper $400


“Once Upon A Pear” 13.5″ x 10.5″ Mixed Media on Paper  *SOLD


“Sky Telegrams” 13.5″ x 10.5″ Mixed Media on Paper *SOLD


“Felonies & Forrests” 13.5″ x 10.5″ Mixed Media on Paper *SOLD


“I Dream of NOSTALGIA” 28″ x 21″ Mixed Media on Paper $1400


“Embracing Migration” 24″ x 36″ Acrylic on Panel $1400


“MacLaren Falcon” 48″ x 48″ Acrylic on Panel $900 – This was one many hand painted assets that were used in six original digitally printed murals for the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility, Woodburn OR. This project received several prestigious national awards is the last remaining panel I have of over 30 created.



“Northwest Graffnesti” 48″ x 48″ Acrylic & Aerosol on Panel $1200


“CFJS Golden Eagle” 48″ x 50″ Acrylic on Panel $900



“Above The Stumps” Triptych Series / Each 24″ x 24″ Acrylic on Panel $4000(all three)

*This collaborative series with Amy Ruppell is only offered as a set.



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